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Scalp Micropigmentation- Aftercare Guide

When you have just gotten scalp micropigmentation because of hair loss; it is necessary to be aware that there are some aftercare guidelines that you are supposed to follow. Following the right procedure is necessary as it is going to ensure that the pigment that is on the scalp last for an extended time. People who are careful with the aftercare of this treatment tend to have better results. Follow the following guide.

In the first for days after the treatment, there are several aftercare practices that you should observe. It is first not recommended that you be involved in those activities that will make you sweat. Do not get into the shower at this time. Some of the places that you should avoid includes the swimming pools, tanning bed, steam rooms, and chlorinated pools. Most importantly, you should avoid showering, shaving, and touching the area that has been treated.

After five days to seven days, you are now allowed to get your head back to the water. During this time, you should not be vigorous when showering; additionally, avoid that strong shampoo. Apply a moisturizer will ensure that you do not have dry or flaky skin. The best moisturizer is the one which is non-perfumed. At this time, you are allowed to perform activities those that make you sweat lightly.

Seven days later, you now allowed to resume your daily schedules and showering sessions. Any temperature can now work with your treated scalp. You can also consider any kind of shampoo. For those people who consider razor blade for shaving, they should avoid it if there is still healing scabs on the skin. Do not be worried about getting to the gym and doing those activities that are going to make you sweat a lot.

You will have to undergo one or two more treatment session before you get the results. The treatments are generally spaced with one or more months. You should make sure that you are adhering to the above guideline for every session. You only be able to enjoy the normal life to the fullest one month after the last treatment.

About 30 days after the treatment, you are now permitted into swimming, sauna, and tanning booths. For the protection of your head, ensure that you apply sunscreen daily. Lastly, avoid flaking and dryness by always applying a quality moisturizer.

You should always be watchful of the treated areas as you can get an infection. You are likely to have swelling if the infected area is infected; the swelling will be excessive, painful, and disturbing. Another symptom of infection is fever. Remember that fever always indicate that you have an underlying condition.

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